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"Bon bagay." That’s a Creole phrase that means "it's a good thing."

We aim to use the many good things we are blessed with to help those who have less. Eventually we hope to aid the Haitian people in using their own skills and resources to help themselves reach prosperity again.

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the city from inside the pickup Haitian boys Tonie building at LaBruyere clinic

Neatly uniformed schoolchildren pass in clusters. Strong young men push carts heaping with scrap metal. Women skillfully balance the enormous loads upon their heads. The sun-baked city streets are alive with beautiful, dark-skinned people going about their daily work.

I sit agape in the back of a pickup as we bounce over crater-like potholes and swerve to avoid overflowing tap-taps - local taxi-trucks - some honking and blasting what sounds to me like South African hip-hop. A white UN vehicle passes, full of armed soldiers in blue helmets... read more here